I’m definitely going to hell. But I’ll have all the best stories to tell.

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So I went to see Frank Turner at the O2 (Millennium dome for anyone not a corporate whore) and wow. Just, wow. The guy is amazing. He is one of the most talented musicians I have ever had the pleasure of seeing, and he had the crowd in the palm of his hand, and you’ve never heard so many people singing every song word for word as was happening that night. I’m still quite blown away by the whole show, I know he was good having seen him at Reading last year, but seeing him headline his own arena tour in somewhere as huge as the dome was amazing.

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Excuse the crappiness (it’s a word) of the pictures too, my iPhone 4S could only do so much…

In other news the job search isn’t going as amazingly well as I’d hoped, but work is tiding me over for now, so we’ll see what happened with that. I’ve applied for an amazing internship so if I get that it will be perfect.

Also been playing the hell out of my guitar, really improved a lot recently and all the practice is paying off, especially writing my own music and performing some more acoustic stuff. Also learned a shed load of new chords which is always a bonus.

Well that’s me for now, I’m going to bed still high on life after Wednesday night.

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The Resolution.

So I’m sitting here, on my break from work (3 weeks off is insane…) and I’ve been lacking things to do. I’m keeping up with my 1 hour a day of playing guitar and vocals (been more like 5-6 hours now I got all this free time). It’s also helped me improve on things I’ve always wanted to. My songwriting.

I’ve always loved a bit of singer/songwriter/acoustic/folk music. People like Amy MacDonald, Mumford and Sons, Lights and more recently, Frank Turner. The latter is the one that brought it all together. After seeing him at Reading festival 2013, he’s very quickly become one of my favourite artists. The way he can just turn any situation into a song, and it sounds fantastic. It’s very inspiring to me, and definitely the kind of music I’d like to move forward into. Like Frank, I have a background in heavier rock and metal music, which makes a lot of his music very relatable.

So my afternoon recently have contained of me brushing off my SM57 and playing Frank Turner songs on my Ibanez electric guitar, while my Semi Acoustic guitar’s strings are on the way. And I’ve been loving it. Something is just so uplifting playing guitar and singing along, albeit, pretty badly at the moment. But it’s always something I’ve wanted to do, be able to strum at an acoustic guitar and sing a solemn song to anyone that would listen.

When I’ve not been learning Frank Turner sons, I’ve been writing more of my own. I have a lot of material left over from when I was trying to start a Metal band up that could never get going, which has given me a great pool of lyric scraps I’ve pieced together over the years. My first song I’ve written is about friends, and not being there for them when they needed it. God knows I’ve begged for forgiveness for that, hopefully this can repair some of that damage.

My other resolutions aren’t working out amazingly. I’ve been slacking on learning French more, which I need to pick up again. Tomorrow will see a vast improvement on this, especially as I may now be going to France in the near future. cutting out as much sugar as possible is going okay too. I’ve completely stopped drinking Energy Drinks such as monster and rockstar, which. I used to consume by the bucketload, which is always a bonus.

Anyway, writing this at 1am isn’t going to help me drag my sorry butt out of bed at 9am, so I better get some sleep. Hopefully I can report back next time with some more songs under my belt. Also, I’m going to steal the coolest sign out from my favourite magnificent bastard on the internet, sips.

I remain,


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New year, new start.

I have been wanting to keep a journal (hate the word blog, sounds like something you find stuck in a public toilet) for a while now. Tried a few times before but a few things have happened that has made me look at life in a different way. So as one of my New Years resolutions, I’ll be keeping up with this.

The other resolutions I have made were to start learning French again, cut out the ridiculous amount of sugar that I was ingesting, find a job that I am actually interested in, and to see more of friends. Unfortunately, only been able to start a couple of those so far. I don’t miss sugar and je’m appelle Doug, et tu? Ça va? Hopefully the others will also start happening soon.

After a very hectic Panto season at work, it’s finally over. And I miss it, a lot. There was a fantastic cast this year, and all of them were fantastic people. It’s weird, you get into a routine of seeing the same people and doing the same things day in day out, you miss it when it’s gone. Also, when you can get Away with ridiculously drunk karaoke wearing princess tiaras, it can’t be too bad.

So now I have a break from work, and need something to fill that void. Hopefully this blog will help me out in that regard. More on this as it happens.


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2 New Tie Dye Items!


We have added 2 CUSTOM TIE DYED pocket crest vests to the store! Just £15 each with free postage. One MEDIUM, and one LARGE. Make it yours now before someone else does!

These are totally unique, and once they are gone, they are gone!!


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Pastures New

So I have finished uni. Passed with a 2.2 grade which is okay. Now living back at home and really miss the Uni lifestyle. A lot of people I knew in Harlow are still at uni or other places now. Post Uni Blues.


Although, I have got a decent job at the playhouse, and have started working at the square, so things are starting to move. Also, SVS Clothing has finally had movement which is really exciting and something I can’t wait to start progressing.


Also been approached to join a band, will be talking about it very soon. Think Parkway Drive style. Better get back to practicing my vocals then.


Watch this space, I’ll be back around here a lot more.

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Insomnia 43 (i43)

So me and my friend Steve recently visited i43 as press for Gamebanana, and made a ‘Spakumentary’ video of our exploits there! Please watch and let us know what you think!


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Physical Music + Digital downloads

The inspiration for this post came from a friend of mine (on facebook, of all places). He stated that he was ‘suprised’ to see that a band had a Vinyl release of thier record, that included a code that you can use to download the same album onto a computer, and recieve it in digital MP3 format aswell. Vinyl does seem to have been making a comeback in recent times, reducing further the amount of CD sales, already heavily affected by the digitalisation of music.

Bill Daly, the owner of Crooked Beat, is part of the trend.

“Since 2007, vinyl has grown to where it is now, 99 percent of our sales,” Daly noted.  “In 2007, when they started introducing new vinyl releases, a free MP3 download card with it, that is when the sales started surging.”(VOA News, 2011)

This just begs one question, is this a good thing? Admittedly it could be affecting piracy, as people are buying the vinyl record as a fashion statement, and aren’t happy with just the digital copy anymore. I’d love to hear you’r views on the topic, so please feel free to comment!


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