Foundation Production – Report

Douglas Kerr – Foundation Production – Report

For our Foundation production my group will be making a street sports magazine that will be aimed at 15-25 year olds

The research that I carried out was to go and find some other existing magazines, and look at how they used adverts, what their front covers looked like and how they wrote articles. I had to research two different types of sports, basketball and football, as these are the sports I will base my magazine on. For my article, I will be writing an article about if basketball is growing to be larger than football.

From our questionnaire, we will gain ideas from people that will answer our questions. This will give us an idea of what our target audience would like to see in our magazine, what we will include in our magazine, what price we will put the magazine as, how often the magazine will be sold, and what kind of adverts we should put in the magazine. 

On our front page, we will have to include some of the main features of the magazine, what sports are included, some of the articles that are featured, the barcode and the price of the magazine. We will also include pictures on the magazine, to let the audience instantly know what is in the magazine, without having to read anything. We will also show some of the more interesting features of the magazine.

We gained information for the front cover of the magazine from the questionnaire. Our questionnaire showed that most people are attracted to a magazine by the colours used, the pictures that are on the front cover, and the bands that are featured. We will also use the front page to let people try to predict what could be in the magazine.

We will also have to create adverts for many different things in our magazine. This will give readers the chance to try and buy kit and accessories for their favourite sports, and allow the magazine to gain money from advertising at the same time. These adverts will include adverts such as:

Adverts for new merchandise that have just been released

Adverts for up-coming big games and tours

News from all different sports 

Competitions that are ran by the magazine

The target audience for our magazine are teenagers and young adults aged 15 to 25. Our research showed that this age group were more likely to read magazines such as the magazine we are producing, so we targeted our magazine at this audience. We are going to be mainly writing about street sports and news from mainstream sports. This will appeal to our younger audience, as they will not know as much about new sports as older people will. The main sports that younger people will know and like are sports that kids usually play in the streets themselves, such as football and basketball. Our target audience’s nationality will be English and American. This is because the main stream of sports is targeted towards these nationality of teenagers. 


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  1. Good start here Doug. You could include more evidence of how you organised your time, and tasks such as taking your images and working on your draft layouts. Also consider the use of interviews and focus groups to gain more information for primary research.
    You will also need to include your SMART targets at the beginning of your report. This is where you will need to discuss WHAT you need to do, HOW you will do it, by WHEN, and WHY.

    At the moment, your report is on a grade D, but I’m sure you can get a much higher grade by using the checklist, which you can get from me in class.

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