Smart Brief

 AS media : Writing the Brief:





time measurable  


My targets (what I will achieve) are the following: 

1.    To create two front pages and double page spread relevant to the topic I choose

2.    Choose a Topic to create a magazine on

3.    Complete written works

4.    Do Research into existing magazines

5.    Complete Foundation Production  

The are specific because….. 

They are specific to the magazine that I will be producing.

I will be able to measure their success because they will fulfil the following grading criteria at the following level: 


Criteria Level

 They are achievable because I will be responsible for the following: 

6.    Creating the double page spread

7.    Creating the two front pages

8.    Doing research into other magazines

9.    Writing Foundation Production

10.                     Completing written work My team-mates will be responsible for: 

11.                     Doing research of internet magazines

12.                     Completing their own double page spreads

13.                     Completing their own front pages

14.                     Conducting their own questionnaire

15.                       They are realistic. I already know how to:  

16.                     Create a Double Page Spread

17.                     Write an article

18.                     Create 2 front pages

19.                     Create a questionnaire

20.                     Writing up practical production 

I will gain the following skills: 

21.                     How to design different layouts

22.                     How to aim designs at different age groups

23.                     How to write a professional article

24.                     How to create eye catching front covers

25.                     How to research magazines     


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