Cinematic Ideas



My sequence begins with all of the passengers in the plane; calmly going to their destination with nothing happening then everything starts to go wrong.

I decided to show the conventions of a lot of films with the male student intimidating the female student, and playing with her fears. I also try to show the pilots as the leaders or ‘higher powers’ than everyone else, as they have all of the passenger’s lives in their hands, and when things started to go wrong, it was down to the pilots to stop the plane from crashing to try to preserve everyone’s life.

The cuts to the outside of the plane will always re-enforce the changes of the surroundings of the outside of the plane, and all of the changes in the weather and ultimately, the damages to the plane.

The long shots of the inside of the plane show all of the mayhem that is happening on the inside of the plane and shows that this disaster is affecting everyone on the plane.

The fact that the plane is all alone, just subject to the forces of nature to decide its fate makes the audience see the passengers of the plane as helpless, and they cannot do anything to prevent their fate.

When the camera cuts to the outside looking in on the pilots, it is showing that there is someone watching, a higher power than them, to emphasise the fact that their fate could be decided by “Mother Nature”.

The fact that the camera keeps cutting from the inside to the outside of the plane is to remind the audience about what is happening on the interior and exterior of the plane, not just what is happening to the passengers. It is used to show the changes in weather, and the extremely escalating danger that the passengers of the plane are in.

The reason the plane starts in the air and not at an airport and showing the scenes prior to takeoff is so the audience is thrust straight into the thick of the action, and so it shows the fast paced writing style tried to portray by the short amount of time that the film’s main event occurs from the start of the film.

When the weather slowly starts to get worse, it makes the audience feel prepared for something bad to happen. In a lot of films, whenever something bad happens, the weather is normally overcast or raining. I tried to portray this effect in this clip, and go one further, with the slow worsening of the weather throughout the scene.



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