I feel that ‘The Summit’ would be in the genre of Action movie. The film is all based around action, and the opening sequence of the film really emphasises the point that the film will be an action film. If I were to make a trailer of the film, I would include a part of the talking inside the plane in the opening sequence, then some scenes further on in the movie when they are planning to climb the mountain, then a few scenes from the people on the mountain. I could also include fast paced build up music to relate to the action being shown on the trailer.

I asked some people to read my script and give me some feedback on what they felt I did well and not so well. Overall, the feedback was very positive. Many people said they enjoyed the script, and felt there were a lot of strong points. The thing that they enjoyed the most was the fact that the changing weather foreshadowed the danger that was approaching, and leads to the events that took place in the script. The piece I found out that I needed to improve is the fact that the dialogue is not very relevant to the events that are taking place, but I do not think that this is a major factor in my script, and this was done purposefully, to make it seem as if the passengers do not know what is happening, and they seem oblivious to the fact that a freak disaster like this could happen to them.

I am very pleased with my script, I like the storyline that I have thought up, I liked the foreshadowing of events while the passengers are in the plane and the way that some of the passengers’ dialogue also foreshadows the disaster. I also like the way that although this is a pivotal point in the film, it only contributes to the first few scenes in the movie. I chose to put the pivotal point of the film at the beginning, as it is unusual and it grips the audience at the beginning of the film, and makes them want to view the rest of the film to find out what happened to the passengers of the plane, and what could happen in the rest of the film. It also prepares the audience for the storyline that could happen, and to relate with the main characters of the film.


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