The sequence that my script covers is the opening sequence of the whole script. The sequence shows the events that are the foundations of the whole film, and what the film is based upon, therefore making it the main plot point of the film.

James Marshall, A mountain ranger, is sitting in his cabin on a cold night, in front of a roaring fire. Little does he know that a plane and all of its passengers are hurtling towards a mountain at breakneck speeds over which the pilots have no control.

The film shows the struggle of a group of mountain rescue rangers, who risk everything to find survivors from the MS/104 flight that disastrously crashes. James Marshall must gather a brave group of people from a nearby village, to create a rescue party to climb the treacherous mountain and brave all of the dangers it possesses, to try and find some survivors of the crash, and to help motivate the rescue party to make it to the summit and to find any survivors of the crash. Could the heartfelt selflessness of one man, help to motivate the hearts of the other rescuers?


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