Black Cash – Script


Opening Scene
Int. Office

[Grainy, old, flashback style effect. The Mob Boss is laying on the floor, bloody and bruised, leaning against the wall. Breathing heavily, he is looking up at someone. The camera cuts to show a man standing and holding a gun, from the chin down. See the man mouth something in-audiable, then the camera cuts to black as a gunshot is heard.]

Title Sequence
Ext. Streets

[Background music – Booker T & the MG’s – Green Onions. 2 people walking side by side, wearing suits. Camera shows close ups of arms, hands, legs, feet and backs. Titles are overlaid on the screen. The 2 people walk around a corner and up to the door with the camera tracking after them. As they push the doors open, the camera cuts to inside the building to see doors swing open, and people walk towards the camera and past it. They walk towards a table in a dark room, with 1 person sitting at it while 4 others stand around him. The man holds out his arms to welcome the 2 people as they approach him.]

1st Scene

Ah just the two people that I wanted to see. Stevie. JT.

[He nods to each of them respectively. Camera cuts to show Stevie and JT from the front, who glance at each-other before returning their gaze to the man.]

[Holding out hands, smiling] Right. So how about my money? Where is it? Well? Where is my money? [Shouting, slams desk] Where is my GOD DAMN MONEY!

[Apologetically] Look, we don’t have the money. If you could just give us a little bit of time, we will have it for you.

[Secretary walks over and hands the MOB BOSS a piece of paper. The MOB BOSS scowls at her, then bashes the paper away with his hand.]

[Shouting] Cant you see i’m busy! Go bother someone else.
[Smiling and giggling, walks around desk and sits on the desk in front of JT and Stevie.] Well boys, Tell me why I should give you more time? What makes you think I am nice enough to give you more time? I need my money now. If you ask me to bail you out, I expect to be repaid. What is to stop me from having your bloody legs broken right now?

Look. If you just give us a little more time, we will be good for the money. I promise you.

[Mood changes, looks as if he had an idea, agrees.] Okay. Okay then. I’ll let you go, as long as you bring me my money. And make it sharpish. Now get the hell out of my sight. [waves them away]

[JT and STEVIE look at eachother quite shocked, then turn and walk out. As they are a small way away from the door, the camera cuts back to the MOB BOSS who is sitting down in his chair. He signals for one of the people behind him to come closer, who leans down and the MOB BOSS whispers in his ear. He nods, then stands back up and signals to the other 3 people. They all walk out of shot leaving the mob boss sitting down at his desk alone. fades to black]

2nd Scene

Ext. Streets – Day

[JT and STEVIE are walking back down the streets, but opposite direction. They cut through a small alley and then as they exit, the 4 mobsters that where behind the boss step out from the bushes and circle them. JT and STEVIE look shocked.]

[Smiling] ‘ello ‘ello ‘ello, what have we got here then?

[Confused] What do you want?

We have come to collect the Boss’ money. So hand it over.

[Angry] We already told you, we don’t have your bloody money.

Well lads, I am afraid thats not good enough. [MOBSTER all laugh, MOBSTER 3 hands MOBSTER 1 a Baseball bat] So, you have left us with one option.

[MOBSTERS walk closer to JT and STEVIE, cracking knuckles and hitting bat into palm. Fast camera cuts. STEVIE punches MOBSTER 4 in the face, making him fall to the ground. JT tries to hit MOBSTER 2, who grabs JT’s arms and struggles with him. MOBSTER 3 grabs JT from behind, and the two throw him to the ground and start hitting him. STEVIE turns round to help JT, when the baseball bat swings out and hits him the the face, knocking him out. Camera goes to a first person view when bat is swung, cuts to black on impact.]

3rd Scene

Ext. Streets – Day

[Camera fades in from black, showing JT sprawled on the floor. Camera cuts to show JT’s face, who slowly awakens and tries to sit up, and calls out in agony. Both JT and STEVIE are heavily bruised and cut. He looks up, and sees a familiar feminine figure standing over STEVIE, helping him to recover. Camera cuts to a long shot. She turns and notices JT moving, and runs over to him.]

[smiling] Oh your awake. I thought you could take more than one hit, maybe I was wrong.

[Struggling to get up, Sarcastically] Ha ha, very funny. Now can you help me up here?

[MARA helps JT up, and walks him over to the wall. Camera cuts to show STEVIE rising to his feet.]

[Hurt] Ugh, they damn jumped us. God Damn it. [Looks to JT] Are you alright?

I’ll live. [Looks to MARA] So, are you going to tell us who you are? You seem familiar.

Yes, well I suppose I would. I ‘worked’ for the MOB BOSS as his secretary. [Flashback shows her handing him the papers] Until I heard what he was going to do with you guys, which is why I followed his goons out of that place, and then that is when I found you here.

[understanding] Alright. Well we have to think of a way to get back at him. Tomorrow, we should break in and teach him a lesson for  messing with us.

[Angered] Oh I can’t wait for this.

Well you aren’t going to get very far just breaking in. You will have to sneak in under cover of darkness, then try to confront him directly. I know of a secret entrance around the back of the building, hardly anyone uses it. That would be your best point of entry.

Alright. Well lets go and get some rest, and we can do this tomorrow.

[Nervously] Okay I have to get back before he realises that I am gone. Good luck.

[MARA runs off around the corner, JT and STEVIE look at each other and look back towards where MARA ran. Camera fades to black.]

4th Scene

Ext. Mob Hideout – Night

[JT and STEVIE are shown sneaking around at night, hiding behind corners and avoiding MOBSTERS walking around. They duck down an alley and use an old, disused door. They sneak inside it and JT pulls out a gun from his jacket. They sneak past 1 other guard, and get to a guard standing by a door.]

Leave this to me.

[STEVIE walks over to the man, who looks up and sees him, and STEVIE quickly dispatches with one punch, sending him knocked out to the ground. STEVIE and JT step over to the man, and opposite the door.]

On the count of three. One, Two, THREE!

[JT and STEVIE both kick down the door and charge into the room, JT in front holding the gun up and pointed at the MOB BOSS, STEVIE behind him.]

[Grins] Oh you two. I wondered when I’d see you again. I didn’t think it would be easy for you to get in here though. Maybe I should have invested more money in my building’s security.

[Shouting] Shut up! We have come to teach you a lesson, NOT to mess with us! Stevie, go show him.

[STEVIE walks over to the MOB BOSS in his chair, and punches him in the face sending him sprawling to the floor. The camera is looking up at STEVIE punching past the camera. after a while, STEVIE stands up and goes back behind JT.]

[Looks at STEVIE] Watch the door.

[Stevie walks over and stands in the doorway, while JT takes a few steps towards the MOB BOSS, who is now laying  propped up against the wall, now bloody, cut and breathing heavily. JT slowly raises the gun up to the MOB BOSS, and looks down at him.]

[Quietly] That will teach you to mess with us.

[JT shoots the MOB BOSS off camera, and stands looking at him for a few seconds. Police on my back – The clash begins to play quietly. Stevie walks up behind JT.]

[Smiling] Looks like we better call the cleaners.

[JT smiles, and they both turn and walk out. Music gets louder and the camera fades to black.]


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