How does Spielberg create Tension in Minority Report.

How does Spielberg create Tension in Minority Report.

Spielberg creates tension in many ways. One of those ways is the stop-starting of the action. There is a lot of action all at once, with multiple things happening at once, then there is a lul in pace, and the film is slower than it was before,  with not much happening. This builds tension by making the audience wait longer and longer for the next action scene, so that they next action scene will satisfy their hunger for the action.

Another way he builds the tension is by using different types of music. In the fast paced action scenes the music is quick to keep up with the action, and to build the tension for the audience as it makes them feel that something is going to happen next if the music is fast paced. But when the music slows down, it immediately tells the audience that nothing more is going to happen, and that the action has stopped, so the tension drops. Then slowly throughout the scene, the music gets faster and faster, which indicates to the audience that the action is about to start again, and builds the tension for when that action will start.

Another way that tension is built in Minority report is what the film is actually set about. Because the story of the film means that the audience will know what is going to happen in the film, and the events are ultimately building up to this one certain point. This builds tension because the audience knows that the character is trying to do everything to stop this from happening, but the audience already know that it will, and that he can’t stop it. But tension is built when the character does other things to stop it from happening.


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