My Ernst Haas biography

Ernst Haas written biography

Ernst Haas was born on March 2nd, 1921. He was an artist and influential photographer, who was mainly noted for his innovative colour photography. Some of Haas’ photographs were deliberately out of focus and blurred, creating strong visual effects. The estate of Ernst Haas is represented by Bruce Silverstien gallery, New York, NY.

Haas was born in Vienna, Austria. He attended medical school in Vienna, but had stop his study in 1947 because of his Jewish roots. In the same year, he left to become a staff photographer for Heute magazine.  He created a photo essay of prisoners of war coming home to Vienna for the magazine, which won him a critical acclaim and from which he received an offer to join Magnum photos from Robert Capa. Haas and Werner Bischof were the very first two photographers invited to join Magnum by its founders.

In 1953, Haas moved to New York City and produced a colour photo essay on the city itself for LIFE magazine. In ’62, Haas had a one man show of his colour work at the Museum of Modern Art. His first photo book Elements, was published in ’63.

In 1964, film director John Huston hired Haas to direct the creation sequence for his 1964 film, the Bible. Haas produced his photo book ‘The Creation’ in 1971. Other photography books that Haas made include America in 1975, Deutshland in 1977 and Himalayan Pilgrimage in 1978. Haas also worked on many films includeing Misfits, Hello, Dolly!, Little Big Man and Heaven’s Gate. Haas had also worked on many advertising campaigns taking photographs for Marlboro cigarettes.

In 1986, Haas was awarded the Hasselblad award for his lifetime’s work and photography. Haas suffered a stroke and died in New York city.


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