The Summit – Script


Ext. Plane – Night

An extreme long shot of the small passenger plane from the back, and the camera pans to the right 90 degrees. A flash of lightning is seen, with thunder erupting a few seconds after.

Int. Plane – Seating

Passengers looking around as the camera pans across in-front of them, some passengers do not even acknowledge the thunder and lightning, as the plane shakes up and down. There is a quiet murmur throughout the plane, Camera cuts to a close up of a man being sick into a airline sickness bag, while his wife comforts him. He stops, then the plane hits more turbulence and he is sick again. The loudest noise heard is the constant whirring of the engines outside the plane.

The camera cuts to the cockpit,  with the camera facing backwards from the front window, looking at the pilots.

Int. Plane – Cockpit

There are lights all lighting up the cockpit different colours, and there is bleeping from all of the different instruments on the plane’s dashboard. A stewardess walks into the room and sits on the side seat.

Pilot 1 presses some buttons on the panel above his head, then glares at Pilot 2.


Oh yeah, okay.

Pilot 2 reaches for a button, then the camera cuts back to the seats, showing passengers. When pilot begins to speak, the camera shows a close up of the tannoy speaker, then pans round to look at the passengers all looking up to the speaker.

Int. Plane – Seating area


(On Tannoy) Hello, this is your pilot speaking. We have run into a small storm, and consequently are experiencing quite heavy turbulence. We should pass it soon, so please remain calm, and just ride it out.

Passengers look relieved as the pilot finishes talking, although some still look really nervous, and some passengers remain asleep. Camera moves over all of the passengers, and looks out of the window, as a lightning bolt flashes past, and the thunder sounding quicker than it did before.

Camera cuts to a man sitting on his own on a window seat, with his laptop on his legs. He is dressed in a sharp suit, to show that he is a businessman. Camera cuts to a close up of the man’s face, to show him looking confused. The camera then cuts to look at the laptop screen, to show it flickering. The camera shows a wider angle shot of the man hitting the laptop as the screen turns black.


God damn piece of junk! I should have got the more expensive model.

He slams the laptop down on the seat next to him, and glares out of the window.

The camera cuts to a row of 4 seats, with students occupying them all, 2 men and 2 women. They are sitting and watching the televisions in the back of the seats and talking, while one girl on the end is looking nervous, and reading a book.


Hey, this film sucks. I mean, every disaster film people always survive. I mean, when there is a plane that crashes, there is always survivors!


(looks up from her book, looking tense) Hey! Don’t say things like that! You know what I am like with being on planes and with flying.


(Laughs) There is more chance of being killed by your trousers than this plane crashing. Relax, there is nothing to worry about.

Woman Student 2 looks at him as she totally does not believe him, then buries her head back in her book. Camera cuts to a close up shot showing the film of the plane crashing on the television. The girl stares at the boy, who smiles, the camera cuts to a close up shot of him pressing the volume button, just as the plane explodes. The volume of the explosion scares FEMALE STUDENT 2, and she jumps from her seat and drops her book on the floor. MALE STUDENT 1 Laughs hysterically. She picks up her book looking angry, then hits MALE STUDENT 1 on the arm with it and turns away from him.

Ext. plane – Night

Shot from the front of the plane showing the pilots moving and talking to each other. The plane is also jolting around because of the turbulence. The camera then cuts to inside of the cockpit. Wind can be heard, but is drowned out by the sound of the engines, so it is only heard a small amount.

Int. plane – Cockpit


The weather doesn’t seem to be getting better, At least it cannot get any worse than this.

Camera is just outside the windscreen, looking back into the plane at the pilots. Rain starts to fall onto the windscreen of the plane. Pilot 1 laughs to himself and shakes his head, while he flicks a switch on the dashboard.

Ext. Plane – Night, raining

The camera cuts to a long shot of the plane, showing the rain gradually getting heavier until it is a total downpour of rain clanging against the metal frame of the plane. The plane moves around more, to show the effects of the turbulence getting worse. Lightning flashes again, and fills the screen white. When the white fades away, the camera has cut back to inside of the seating area on the plane.

Int. Plane – Seats

The plane hits really heavy turbulence, and all of the passengers are shaken around the plane. A fast paced rock song fades in. The camera shot is a wide angle long shot, to show most of the passengers. Some passengers fall into the aisles, and luggage falls from the over head compartments. Screams and shouts are heard among the commotion of objects being thrown by the force of the plane shaking violently. The camera cuts to FEMALE STUDENT 2 as her book flies from her hands and lands on the floor. She lurches forwards and hits her head on the chair in front of her. Passengers start to scream as the plane shakes more and more. The camera cuts to one man who is hit on the head by some luggage falling from the compartment above, who falls down in the aisle. The camera cuts to floor height, and watches his head hit the floor.

Ext. Plane – Night, Rain

The plane is shaking quite violently now, and this is shown by the wings shaking, and moving up and down, as the pilot tries to keep the plane level. The camera cuts to a close up of the left wing, as a lightning bolt hits the wing just above the engine, and thunder sounds immediately after. The camera cuts to behind the plane, as the left wing goes down from the impact of the hit, as you see the right wing raise up.

Int. Plane – Seats

Same long shot as before, showing all of the people in the seating area. Luggage and other various items are being thrown around the seating area from the impact of the lightning bolt. Screams and shouts are heard. People are thrown from their seats, and some people just hold on to partners. Camera cuts to a close up of a man cuddling his partner while she cries out in terror. Camera cuts to a child screaming, then cuts to the cockpit.

Int. Plane – Cockpit

Shot from front window looking towards pilots. The pilots are thrown around in their seats, as they try to grab the controls of the plane. A stewardess falls to the floor in the background. The camera shows a close up of the plane’s controls, then a close up of the pilot grimacing, trying to recover control of the plane. Screams can be heard from the passengers in the background. A medium paced, suspenseful non diegetic music is playing in the background. Crashes, screams and shouts can be heard from the seating area, while the pilots talk.


What the hell happened!


I think we took a hit from a lightning bolt….y..yes. It hit the left wing. Engine 1 is damaged, so are the flaps.

Camera shows Pilot 1 from behind as he wrestles the plane’s controls, and manages to pull the plane back level. Both pilots look at each-other and breathe a sigh of relief.


You think that the engine will hold up the rest of the journey?


I’m not sure. Its showing signs of slowing, and its intermittently stopping and starting.

Camera pans through the window next to the pilot, and round to the front of the engine of the plane. The fan starts to slow, then bursts into flames and the whole engine detaches from the wing, and falls to the ground. The camera cuts to a long shot showing the whole plane, tilting down towards the floor, and fire still streaming from the wings.


(Shouts) We lost engine one! It fell!


It fell? How!


The hit from the lightning bolt must have loosened it from the plane. Pull up! We are going down!

Pilot 2 grabs a radio from the dashboard and holds it to his mouth, and pilot 1 pulls back violently on the controls as he yells out in a cry of struggle. Fast paced, Non Diegetic, dramatic music plays suddenly.

Mayday mayday, we are going down. We have lost engine one and cannot keep the plane in the air. We are going down!

Camera shows a POV shot of the pilots as the plane flies downwards through the clouds. Camera cuts to in-front of the plane’s path, and the plane flies past the camera at a very high speed. Camera returns to the POV shot, as the plane exits the clouds into clearer sky, a large snowy mountain appears from almost nowhere. The music’s tempo get faster and faster as the plane nears the mountain. The camera cuts to behind the pilots wrestling with the controls of the plane, desperately trying to make it turn, but with no avail. The camera returns to the Pilot’s POV shot, as the ground gets nearer and nearer. The camera cuts to the surface of the top mountain, and the plane is coming towards the camera. The camera slowly fades to black, and is fully black just as the plane hits the mountain. Only the impact of the crash is heard while the camera is black. Quiet, sorrowful music plays. The camera fades from black showing a 1 second long shot of the carnage, then fades back to black.


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