Production Log

Production Log

15th October 2008: The premise of the film has been thought of and strongly reinforced, and the whole of the story has been totally finished. Characters names, costumes and biographies have been drawn up roughly.

22nd October 2008: A rough copy of the final storyboard has been completed. The audition posters have been placed up around college, asking people to come to the auditions that will be held on the 12th of November.

29th October 2008: A script has been started. The script will be completed by the time the auditions are held, and we will have a portion of the dialogue for the people to read out when they audition.

5th November 2008: We have each part of the storyboard related to its corresponding section in the script. We could also have a few props ready, so that when people audition they will be able to act their part better. We have started to get things ready for the auditions.

12th November 2008: Auditions were held, and with some success, there were a few people that came to the auditions that we liked. They were recorded so we could watch them back at a later date.

19th November 2008: We watched back the footage from the auditions and successfully casted the parts of JT, Stevie and Mara, to Chris Gamelan, Steven Salisbury and Charlotte Prentice respectively.

26th November 2008: The script was continued, and a few more ideas for the film were brought forward.

3rd December 2008: The rough draft of the script was completed.

10th December 2008: The script was completed and finalised.

17th December 2008: The storyboard was completed with rough sketches of the scenes; a more complete storyboard will be completed at a later date.

24th December 2008: Synopsis and Evaluation started.

31st December 2008: Started researching into British Gangster films, looking at how they are filmed and what conventions are contained within them.

7th January 2009: Researched what kind of sounds and music are included in British Gangster films.

14th January 2009: Started looking for good songs to use for the film.

21st January 2009: Found all of the songs and sound effects that we would be using in the film.

28th January 2009: Final Storyboard was completed with photographs and stills rather than drawn pictures. Just needs the stills to be put in from the final cut of the film.

11th February 2009: Cameras were booked for next week. Actors were informed of days to film. Ready to start filming on 18th Feb.

18th February 2009: Whole day spent filming footage.

25th February 2009: Whole day spent filming footage.

4th March 2009: Whole day spent editing footage.

11th March 2009: Re-filmed footage for the office scene.

18th March 2009: Continuing editing, edited office scene.

25th March 2009: Filmed final pieces of footage, to add to the parts we weren’t happy with in the film.

1st April 2009: Final editing completed the ‘after the fight’ scene, single voiceover recorded and added to the final film. Storyboard completed, Film totally completed and edited.


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