Script Evaluation

As I worked alone on this project and not in a group, all of this work is entirely my own, and all of the research and drafts were my own personal work, with no contribution from others whatsoever.

I feel that my project went very well. I was very pleased with the end product of my script, and all of the other aspects of my work.

I researched my script by looking at scripts for the Crime/Gangster Genre on the internet, this allowed me to see how the scripts are written and they they compared and differed to scripts of other Genres. I also watched films such as ‘Pulp Fiction’, so I had a good idea of how the scenes should look, and the kind of dialogue that is used in these sorts of films. Doing this was also beneficial in a roundabout way, as my script was influenced by ‘Pulp Fiction’.

I did not run into many problems while creating my script, as it was all made of my own accord. The only problem that I may have been challenged by was coming up with an actual premise in the first place, which I had some difficulty with. But after I had decided on a Genre, I was inspired to write ‘Black Cash’ through the research that I conducted.

I have gained many skills while completing this script, for example I have learnt how Screen Writers write scripts properly, and how they are supposed to be set out and styled. I also learnt how to incorporate camera movements and directions into the script in the correct way. I also learnt how to make the characters have their own distinct personalities, and how some characters are created to have a largely different role to some others.


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