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Shearer denies Owen quit rumours

This is a story about some rumours that have surfaced about Michael Owen wanting to retire at the end of this season. This is a new development, as they are rumours that have just surfaced. This story was added on the 15th of May. I think that this article is news worthy, as football is a very large sport, and Michael Owen is a widely known player. The agenda behind reporting this story is so that people that follow the football club are updated with the latest information about their team’s players. There is no noticeable bias in the article. The information presented in the article was gathered through an interview with Newcastle manager, Alan Shearer. There is a video of the interview on the article, which allows readers of the article to see exactly what Alan Shearer said, so they know it hasn’t been changed. The social group of footballers are represented as really important people, because the way the article talks about them, it makes them sound more important than they really are. There is some interaction with the readership, as there is a message board where you can post your views on the subject and article. There are links in the bottom corner of the page showing some other sites that also show the same report.

F1 teams to meet Mosley for talks

This story is about a meeting that has been called with Formula 1 boss Max Mosley because of threats to leave. This is a long running story, continuing the previous stories about teams threatening to leave. This story broke on the 15th of May. I think that this event is news worthy, because it will affect the whole future of the sport if a few of the main teams pull out. I believe the agenda behind this article is to just deliver the information, because it is such a big event in the sport. I don’t think there is any bias in this article, its just a portrayal of the information. I believe the information was gathered from a variety of places, such as news reports, interviews and press releases. The images with this report are just images of F1 cars, so that is the only connection they have with the article. There are no specific pictures that directly relate to what the article is about. The social groups represented are portrayed as quite compassionate; this could be because they are trying to reach a compromise, so they seem really generous. There are no social options attached to this article, apart from being able to blog it, post it to face book etc. This story is widely reported by many different agencies, because it is really a really important even for the sport.


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