Critical Research mock – Question 1

Give an account of, and evaluate the research methods you used to investigate your chosen area of study.

My chosen topic for this investigation was World Cinema. Within the topic, I decided to focus on how Protagonists and Antagonists are portrayed in Asian martial arts films.

For my investigation, I would have to combine Primary and Secondary research, so I can get a broader picture of the topic. Primary research allowed me to go and gain my own findings, while the secondary research allowed me to compare my studies to previously undertaken ones.

One example of primary research that I conducted was an interview with a man through e-mail. I stumbled across his blog by chance, and saw in his ‘about’ section that he said he was a very avid fan of the Asian martial arts genre. I sent him an email asking him if I could ask him a few questions on the subject, to which he agreed. The interview can be found in its entirety at As a result of this interview, I found out why this person was so drawn to Asian martial arts and who his favourite actors/actresses were. He also gave me a mini review on all of the 3 films I will be looking at, and he also gave me his point of view of how Protagonists and Antagonists were portrayed in the genre. He said that he thought that the Asian martial arts genre is quite ‘black and white’ in their portrayal of ‘good and evil’. He also recommended me some films to watch on the genre. This interview helped a lot, as I gained a lot of first hand knowledge on the genre.

An example of secondary research was using a search engine on the internet. I decided to use as my main search engine. At first I searched “How protagonists and antagonists are portrayed in asian martial arts films”, but the search was much too defined and only got irrelevant results. Then I changed my search to “how good and evil is portrayed in asian martial arts”. This allowed me to find the website The site had small but concise movie reviews about many different martial arts films, including some of the ones I was looking at, which proved to be very helpful with my research.


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