Discuss some of the problems that might arise in the scheduling of news and/or current affairs programmes

There are a few ways that problems could arise from news scheduling, which I will be exploring.

Scheduled news broadcasting has become a cornerstone of peoples every day lives. Many people rely on programmes such as ITV’s News at 10 and the BBC’s BBC News at 6. People rely on these scheduled programmes to give them day to day updates of things that have been happening. Of course, this has its drawbacks because something newsworthy does not happen every single day, so this means that they have to pad out their shows with old news and interviews, rather than actually reporting news.

Another drawback is that they only occur at that single time. For example, if a news programme is scheduled to run every few hours, then all of the things that have happened in that time period won’t be reported till the news starts. So if something important happens, you will not know about it until the news broadcasts again, which could be hours.

On the other hand though, if something majorly important happens, they normally have breaking news interruptions, therefore putting the news on immediately. This kind of breaking news only occurs for large scale events, such as 9/11, when Princess Diana died etc.

Another problem with scheduling programmes would be that if it is at a certain time of the day that you cannot see it, then it will be on at the same time every single day, so you will always miss that certain channels news broadcast. Which an inconvenience, although the same news is most probably being broadcast on other channels.

This is also an advantage to some people though, because people would rather get the whole day’s news in one go, rather than having to keep switching back onto the news now and again to see if something new has happened.

Another disadvantage to it could be that, because it is live, there are quite often a lot of ‘human errors’. A lot of mistakes can be easily made on a live broadcast, which probably would not occur on a normal show. Although this is the only way to broadcast this type of programme, because if it was pre-recorded all of the news would be old, and no-one would want to hear it by the time it is shown.

Another reason that scheduling could be at a disadvantage is that the content has to be changed depending on the time of day. For obvious reasons, during the day you cannot have graphic content, as the audience could consist of children. This sort of content can only be put after the watershed, which restricts the viewing audience to adults.


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