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Art: Freddie Mercury

Super quick sketch up of Freddie Mercury, requested by someone. Tried a different background technique which suits the image quite well I feel.



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Art: Christian Eriksen

The creative force of the Spurs team this year, the Danish Dynamo that is Christian Eriksen.


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Art: Harry Kane

Just drew the almighty , our lord and saviour. Tried a few different text placements, so just decided to upload them all.


harry-kane Bannerharry-kane Middle Textharry-kane no text cropharry-kane Top Text


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Jim & Pam – Colour

So I couldn’t resist and coloured my sketch of Jim and Pam from the Office.

Jim and Pam Colour.jpg

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Graphics Tablet: Natalie Dormer

So now i’m getting slightly more comfortable using the tablet, im trying a few different styles and techniques. I know the eye looks a bit weird, the railing was rushed in and there’s a few shading issues, but I don’t think it’s a bad attempt for my 4th ever drawing using a tablet!



By the way, the last two ‘pin up’ style photos are by an artist called Andrew Tarusov. I am attempting to replicate some of his images in a cartoony style, so I can practice my techniques. He does fantastic artwork, check out his site.

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Graphics Tablet: Second Attempt

#2, getting used to using it a bit more, tried a quicker sketch of another picture. Is it more of a case of then re-doing my lines after the original ‘pencilled’ ones are done to fix the jaggedness?


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Costumes, Design and Personality for characters in film.

Film – Black Cash

Boss Character (name Not Mentioned) – Black shirt & Suit, with Black Tie. Black Shoes. Smart looking, but a bit rough.

Jimmy-T (JT) – Calm minded, gets to the point, however can lose his rag. Black & White suit, possibly without jacket/ rolled up sleeves to counter-act with his to the point personality.

Stevie – Small, cocky & Crazy, can lose the plot. Black & White suit as well, but always dressed up in any situation.

Bouncers/Guards (behind Boss) – Again either suited up or wearing dark colours to reveal their bad persona. Hold weapons, or stand as if they are security guards. Within first scene wear sunglasses, blacked glasses so parts of facial expressions hidden. Does not allow audience to associate with these characters as they get killed off and are ‘bad’.

Female Character – Rough looking, looking for fight. Not the traditional female role, takes a more dominant stance. Wears less feminine clothes than expected from a female character.

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