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Art: Iron Man!

Latest Iron Man drawing. Tried experimenting with a few different comic style effects. Yeah I’m a bit into Marvel atm.

iron man.jpg


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Art: Spider-Man!

Just trying out a few techniques and improving some of my line work with a quick sketch.



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Art: Christian Eriksen

The creative force of the Spurs team this year, the Danish Dynamo that is Christian Eriksen.


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A Collection of Corporate Digital Artworks

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January 20, 2017 · 6:17 PM

Physical Music + Digital downloads

The inspiration for this post came from a friend of mine (on facebook, of all places). He stated that he was ‘suprised’ to see that a band had a Vinyl release of thier record, that included a code that you can use to download the same album onto a computer, and recieve it in digital MP3 format aswell. Vinyl does seem to have been making a comeback in recent times, reducing further the amount of CD sales, already heavily affected by the digitalisation of music.

Bill Daly, the owner of Crooked Beat, is part of the trend.

“Since 2007, vinyl has grown to where it is now, 99 percent of our sales,” Daly noted.  “In 2007, when they started introducing new vinyl releases, a free MP3 download card with it, that is when the sales started surging.”(VOA News, 2011)

This just begs one question, is this a good thing? Admittedly it could be affecting piracy, as people are buying the vinyl record as a fashion statement, and aren’t happy with just the digital copy anymore. I’d love to hear you’r views on the topic, so please feel free to comment!


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